“I’m Back” – Everything Morocco’s Nasrat Haqparast Said After UFC Fight Night 233

Nasrat Haqparast spoke to the media after his TKO win at UFC Fight Night 233
Nasrat Haqparast spoke to the media after his TKO win at UFC Fight Night 233

Nasrat Haqparast spoke to the media after his TKO win against Jamie Mullarkey at UFC Fight Night 233.

Nasrat Haqparast comments on the fight  

“Of course I feel great. First of all, I left the cage healthy. Getting out there healthy is number one, but two, is winning of course”.

Nasrat Haqparast about his expectations before the Fight

“I don’t go in [with the idea that] ‘I need to kill him, I need to knock him out’, but I just go in to perform to my best, and I know if I perform to my best, I always come for a fun fight, and thank God today I had another great finish after a couple of years. My last knockout was in 2019 and I’m back”.

Nasrat Haqparast on Whether anything surprised him in the fight

“Not really. The fight was kind of short, I didn’t see too much. But I like his energy. He’s a great fighter, I have a lot of respect for Jamie and he fought so many good guys, he never backed from or declined a fight, he fought so many good guys already, he came today, we wanted to bring the war, I like his energy in there I felt the hooligan [in him] and it was a great night”.

Nasrat Haqparast about John Makdessi’s tweet in which he said he beat both him and Jamie

“I just wish him the best, I wish him success I wish him health for him and his family. I have no bad words for him no bad will. I wish him the best and John just keep going I wish you all the best bro”.

Nasrat Haqparast on UFC Event in Morocco

“I don’t have something on my mind or a specific date you know but I really wish for the
UFC to come to Morocco Morocco is my new”>UFC to come to Morocco. Morocco is like my second home now, we have a great infrastructure we have everything needed for a UFC event there for the first UFC event in Africa. Actually the FIFA World Cup, the biggest sport event in the world, is coming to Morocco 2030 and I think it’s
UFC to make the”>the right time for the UFC to make the move to Africa. Let’s say beginning or middle of the year to Morocco, it would be amazing to let’s say if you want to put me as a headliner, I would
greatly appreciate it but I think it’s the right time for UFC to come to Morocco“.

Nasrat Haqparast on Deserving a Bonus 

I don’t know. UFC decides. Sean, Hunter, Dana, they know whoever deserves the bonus should
get a bonus. I don’t look too much onto this kind of stuff. I just love the sport, I love the UFC, I love the company. As I told you guys this week, I grew up in that octagon, it’s my identity you know, I’m just happy to be here, healthy, perform to my best and enjoy every moment. In a couple of years we are all going to be old and then I look back on the videos. I live my dream and I’m just very grateful for that”.

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